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These are just some of the things that make my life complete!

All things nature!

My dog - Nyla!


Traveling (-:

Three Fun Facts

I joined the hip hop team in middle school.

My team and I had originally called ourselves the light steppers since we were going to do a dance in the dark with the light gloves, but ended up combing forces with another team. Our final name was Lucky Charms and each of us dressed as the color of the charm we chose at the talent show.

I was the butterfly stroke anchor.

All butterfly stroke relays, IM, and freestyle 500m’s was my specialty! I still love swimming to this day and can swim at a similar speed.

I started running in my free time.

Although I must admit I am not the best, I can run fairly well! My first 5k was done in 36:30 minutes and I can only hope to get better from there.

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